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Orthodox Books Online, and More

This free online library collection includes several Orthodox books (Kindle). The heart of the collection is its works of prayerful, practical, Orthodox, Christian, mystical theology.

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In time of life, prepare for death. Death

What this site is all about:

A showcase of creative works

This site is a showcase of creative works and writing by Christos Jonathan Seth Hayward that have been collected for a couple of decades. The sections of the site About (includes What's New?), Et Cetera, and an online library featuring Orthodox Books and More.

What you can find here:

As over a decade has gone by, Orthodox Books and More has grown to be much more than one section of the website among others. It has several sections of its own, and it has become the crowning jewel of the site, with a great many of its author's favorite works.

What's New? A Quote:

Some time ago, a pastor contacted me and asked permission to quote one of my poems. We've been in contact at least occasionally, and he sent me an email newsletter that left me asking him for permission to quote.

Let me cite the article in full (©2014 Pastor Vince Homan, used by very gracious permission):

When there are many words, sin is unavoidable, but the one who controls his lips is wise. Proverbs 10:19

I recently violated a longstanding position I have held; to avoid all further interaction with social media, particularly Facebook. It wasn't necessarily because of any moral high ground; it was more because I had already mastered e-mail and was satisfied with my online accomplishments. In addition, I didn't have any additional time or interest to keep up with pithy little sayings, videos, cartoons, social life, or even cute kiddie pictures. But now I am happily in the fold of Facebook users (particularly if there is a picture of one of my grandbabies on it). In addition, it has allowed me to discover that there are literally dozens of people who are just waiting to be my friends. However, the real reason I'm on Facebook is work related. Thanks to the good work done by a few of our church members; both of our churches have excellent Facebook pages. In order to access those pages, I needed an account, so—here I am. And though all seems well with the world of Facebook, I am discovering that it is not always the case. For all the "warm fuzzies," and catching up with friends and family it offers ... there is also a dark side.

Read more of "Social Antibodies" Needed: A Request of Orthodox Clergy, posted Saturday 12 July, 2014, the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul.

Nice to read on the web:

And nicer in a Kindle or paperback!

This site represents a collection of thousands of pages over decades, and they have been on the web almost from the beginning. But however much they may be available on the web, they were meant to be curled up with.

There are many books drawn from this website, both in paperback and Kindle. Let's pick one example you might consider reading: