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Welcome to Jonathan's Corner:

Orthodox Books Online, and More

This free online library collection includes several Orthodox books (Kindle). The heart of the collection is its works of prayerful, practical, Orthodox, Christian, mystical theology.

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What is the maximum to have in life?
Maximum Christ, Maximum Ambition, Maximum Repentance

What this site is all about:

A showcase of creative works

This site is a showcase of creative works and writing by Christos Jonathan Seth Hayward that have been collected for a couple of decades. The sections of the site About (includes What's New?), Et Cetera, and an online library featuring Orthodox Books and More.

What you can find here:

As over a decade has gone by, Orthodox Books and More has grown to be much more than one section of the website among others. It has several sections of its own, and it has become the crowning jewel of the site, with a great many of its author's favorite works.

What's New? A Quote:

I've been trying to find a way to get Aqua back on my Mac, and getting Aqua to display under any OS has been a trackless waste. But I've been able to stitch something together (nothing new) to offer a Linux old enough to display old Aqua themes and "look and feel" appropriately, while running a modern version of Firefox. And now it's here.

Some people regard the Aqua theme as done and gone, and passé. It's out of the Mac mainstream at any rate, and has been for the past couple of releases of Mac OSX.

But with a little help from VMware and a little open sourced Linux theming magic, it's possible to get Aqua back:

A view of the desktop, with a browser window open, in "I Miss Aqua".

Read more of I Miss Aqua: A Retro-themed Maverick, posted Sunday 22 March, 2014, the Sunday of the Holy Cross.