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Miscellaneous items that you won't find in other areas of the website. If you're looking for a place to start, I suggest A Christmas Gift for Children.

A Christmas Gift for Children

A look at some of the peaks of Jonathan's Corner that would be more interesting to children, including the Tale of the Fairy Prince.


I do not live in a vacuum, but in connection with communities and other people. Here are some of their webpages.

Favorite Haunts

My site isn't focused on links, but I've found some jewels on the web that I consider worth mention.

If You Want to Link to Jonathan's Corner

Here are some images, along with sample HTML, for people who want to link to this page. (Text links are also welcome!)

The "Natural Cycle" Liturgical Clock

The concept may not be obvious if you're not used to ancient ways of thinking about a time, but there is a different way of calculating time based on the natural cycles of sunrise and sunset rather than artificial things like time zones.


Writing is largely a copy of oral language; it does not take full advantage of visual media. Here's an article about what some might call the next generation of human language. It is dedicated to all those web designers who believe that, if they make a web page you already know how to use, they aren't doing their job.

Open Source Software Projects

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This is a set of open source projects. You may also be interested in the section of things written about technology, programming, web design, usability, and hackerdom. If you're looking for a place to start, why don't you look at Hayward's Free Intranet Employee Photo Directory?

Licenses: Most, although not all, of these projects are available to you under your choice of the Artistic, GPL, and MIT licenses (see individual pages for details). If you find something you like, you are invited to consider linking to

Catch the Furball (Demo)

Catch the Furball is an ice-breaker board game intended for people to play around the computer. This page will both let you play the game, and download it to install and/or tinker with. (It's a bit like Generica, but easier to set up.)

CFL: A Truly Unique Distributed Version Control System

CFL is the world's first green distributed version control system. Inspired by compact fluorescent lights, it is at its core based on Mercurial, but builds on it in ways some would never imagine.

CJSH, a Python 3 Based Experimental, Programmable Unix/Linux Command Line Shell

An experimental Unix/Linux command line shell, implemented in Python 3, that offers Unix strength and Python-powered Unix scripting while taking advantage of some more recent concepts in terms of usability and searching above pinpointing files in directory heirarchies.

The Data Mine

The Data Mine is a search engine designed to give powerful access to a site's contents. The interface is meant to be friendly and use keyword highlighting and link targets to allow the user to find desired material with minimal clicking and scrolling.


On some computers, there's a fortune cookie program that displays a short quote suitable for signatures and the like. Here are two things I've written, in that format.

Hayward's Free Intranet Employee Photo Directory

A free, simple, powerful, usable employee intranet photo directory built with Django jQuery Ajax.

The Magic Notebook (Demo)

The Magic Notebook is a tool for storing and organizing notes that can be used for contact information, to do lists, lists to read, recipes, and whatever other eclectic collections of information you want. It is available both for personal use and as a downloadable CGI script.

The Minstrel's Song

This is an extensive and somewhat nostalgic 'roguelike' computer game, which works best on a Linux-like system.

Mobile Web Proxy (Demo:

The Mobile Web Proxy is meant to be a proxy that will allow some webpages which cannot be displayed on my cell phone (and perhaps not other people's mobile devices either) to be available for viewing.

Private Logistics: Privacy-Sensitive Todo, Calendar, Scratchpad, Personal Information Management (PIM)

This webpage provides certain dynamic services: todo, calendar, and scratchpad. However, it doesn't store your information somewhere on a server run by someone else. It is stored on your computer, and only on your computer.

Proportional Font Terminal: A Better Linux/Unix/Mac Term

For those of you who use Unix/Linux terminals, would you like to use the same kind of proportional fonts that are used on almost every major website? This is a tool to let you do just that.

The Powered Access Bible (Demo)

The Powered Access Bible is a CGI script which you can use to find things in the Bible, and see what they mean in context.

Quizmaster (Demo)

There are quizzes that give you multiple guess questions and tell you what you're closest to. This is a CGI script designed to let webmasters post their own quizzes. This is a more dynamic setup than many: as you answer questions, you can see your results being calculated.


SearchLog is weblog meets search engine, with some cool tools thrown in to make it more powerful.

Sidebar in a Can

Visitors with Firefox or other Mozilla browsers: would you like a sidebar offering Jonathan's Corner selections? (Non-Firefox friends: I'm sorry, but the other browsers don't access this sidebar yet.)

Webmasters: Would you like to have a sidebar that is both dynamic and low-maintenance? The sidebar powers the rotating link on my front page. Check it out.


This is the release page for a CGI script where fortune cookie meets wiki: an editable quote of the day, a way to remember people to e-mail, and other things as well.

Virtual Tour (Demo)

Virtual Tour is a web tool I made to allow an online virtual tour. Whether or not you set up webpages, I invite you to see the virtual tour I made of 'Impressions of Cambridge' at beautiful Cambridge University in England.

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Web Services

Web tools related to Jonathan's Corner: A Library of Free Online Books. If you're looking for a place to start, why not check out the Toolbar?

One Stop Shopping for Web Services

An easy access page for this site's mobile web proxy (, RSS, sidebar, and toolbar services.

Reciprocal Links Directory

A directory of reciprocal links. Submissions are invited; please contact the author.


A simple, slightly eclectic, and somewhat powerful toolbar linked to Jonathan's Corner.

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